Sunday, 26 March 2017

Patlabor MG 1/35 AV-98 Ingram 3

Third Patlabor Ingram installment of Master Grade treatment by Bandai, smart use of rubber tubing to stimulate cloth parts, tight joints which it snaps beautifully together standing sturdily around 23cm in height. Ingram 3 in my opinion, is most easily available and well in stock. 

This Unit 3 head version is what seen in the TV series. Ingram 3 is the reserve unit and seldom appears in the series though it's strategically deployed for anti electronic purposes. Maybe the lack of exposure is the reason why I'm less fond of it compared to the earlier 2 units. 

Ingram 3 headgear visor is design with the addition of powerful extendable ECM (electronic countermeasures) pod, which strengthens sensor system. I only need to do penal lining and paint some of the yellow lights to improve the finished result. Most paintings were on the pilot inside the cockpit. Not to mention the cockpit can be opened to reveal the pilot. 

Weapons set of baton, long baton and revolver. The 32 Millimeter Vulcan Revolver actually is stored in the right leg just like in the anime. The right forearm can be extended to reach the revolver while standing. The Anti-Labor Electromagnetic Riot Baton is attached underneath the shield.

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Super Robot Wars X Omega- Super Robot Taisen X-Ω

Thanx to a friend for the introduction and offering his Japan iTunes account so I could download this game. Without doubt, I'm instantly hooked to this game. A first time experience playing Super Robot Wars mobile game that breaks from traditional Super Robot Wars turn-based strategy and uses a stage strategic line defense game play. It also has arena for Player Vs Player PVP. 

With a large cast and a huge room for future content, this game is an ambitious long-term project. In fact, this game had been around for some time like a one year or so and I'm noob and late coming. I had missed big events like EVA Godzilla and Full Metal Panic! The current event is Sakura Wars and I hope the would one day introduced Macross in their line. I'm enjoying the game as a Free To Play player and thumbs up that this game can be played outside of Japan.

Sunday, 19 March 2017

Fate/Stay Night 1/7 Saber Figure

Ladies and gentlemen, we are now serving the signature dish from Fate/Stay Night with the female version of legendary hero King Arthur. She is the "Once and Future King" and a legendary hero of Britain known as the King of Knights. 

"I have a secret that I haven't told you... I'm a mage" Three years after the death of Shirou Emiya's foster-father, strange events begin happening in town and he finds himself drawn into a battle between the Magi called 'Master'". He later became the master of Saber during the Fifth Holy Grail War. It's printed on the box to give you a rough idea of the anime. 

Non poseable however outstanding sculpt, the 1/7 scale (22cm) by Enterbrain in 2006 stands steadily, definitely one of the first premium Saber figures that stand against the test of time. 'Good Smile' had released figures of the three protagonists in this timeline, mainly Archer, Saber and Rin. Sculpted by FrenchDoll (CerberusProject) using PVC and ABS material. 

The box housing of the figure come in a concept of book with the cover held by velcro to flip open to see the content inside. The body plate and gauntlets looks great were nicely painted with lots of realism like the metal tarnishes. Different tones and shades on the pony-tailed hair could also be seen. The adorable and innocence facial clearly shown, fair complexion and big green round eyes. 

The figure came with an oval stand but amazingly, it able to hold up even without the stand. The gimmick of the set would surely be the magical 'Excalibur' sword which could be drawn out from the sheath. Check out the details on the sheath! Saber could held the sheath on the left hand and the sword on the other hand.


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