Sunday, 17 December 2017

MG Zaku II Type F2 (Earth Federation Version) MS-06 F-2

The F2 version of the Zaku II was an upgraded version produced during the One Year War as the original unit was becoming obsolete, a variant of the original MS-06F Zaku II. Introduced in the middle of the One Year War because the original F-Type Zaku II was becoming outdated with the newer, more powerful Zaku variants, and later the more efficient MS-09B Dom and MS-14A Gelgoog mobile suit lines. The overall combination of a more powerful reactor and less weight made the F2 Type a more agile and maneuverable combatant. With these upgrades, the F2 Type would also be on a more equal ground when the Earth Federation began to field their first mass production mobile suit, the RGM-79 GM. 

After the end of the One Year War OYW, the captured Zaku II from Zeon were enrolled into the service of Earth Federation the this assigned to Australia as mock up enemy units during test type exercise which explained the beige desert colour scheme. It's paintball game in Gundam Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory! Uniquely to this gunpla kit is the bonus paintball splat decals to stimulate the unit been shot however it didn't use it on mine. Salvaged post-war by the EFSF for use as training mechas for their cadets, particularly for combat practice. This unit was captured by the Federation and put to use as a training unit. It was repainted in standard ground colours and one example was piloted by Chuck Keith. The training units were armed with paint rounds and the decals include the distinct red blotch like it's been hit in a paintball skirmish.. No, that big red splat on its shoulder isn't some poor hapless soul catapulted against it during the war! 

This version released in 2003 has its very own modified 120mm rifle with grenade launcher, kind of like those M-203 used U.S soldiers. Although this is not a version 2.0 kit, it is more advanced than some of the earlier Zaku MG models and is a very solid kit. This version also comes with the extra armor panels for the head while the zeon version has the commander antenna. What a shame, I didn't add pics of extra armor panels for the head. I had used custom convex len mono eye sticker and added extra water slide decals. The finished kit was sprayed matte and applied with brown weathering. The rifle was sprayed black and dry brushed with silver.

Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Bandai Classic Godzilla Millennium Figure

Bandai Creations U.S released figure of Godzilla 2000 based on the Japanese to capture a revamped / resculpt 'King of Monsters' in 2007. Takes a brilliant icon of monster movie history, and makes it even better. Made of hard vinyl so it extremely durable. Decent-sized size of 6.5" (height 16cm and length 24cm) which made it comfortable to handle and display. 

You bet I do have a lot of fun playing with this figure while photo-taking. This version looks really ferocious and definitely one of the best Godzilla design ever! Snarling head, the long tribal like nearly tattoo inspired looking back spikes. The Bandai Creation Godzilla 2000 figure has the spines more spread apart creating a more realistic look. Pose in a way it moving forward and roaring at the same time. Be warn of the ultimate Kaiju ^_^ Get ready to an all out brawl,ripping apart Abram tank and Gipsy Danger props! Damn! You should have added Evangelion!!!

This is a massive beast and the detail of rough skin and purple enormous spikes on the back looks phenomenal but on the other hand, the nails paint job may seems kind of sloppy. At certain angles, I feel that this Godzilla appeared a bit cross-eyed. The tail is curled at the tail end which I think increases the center of gravity hence increases its stability and also easier for accommodating into the packaging. 

The posture of the figure seems to give an impression that the tail was elongated. It's limited to 4 points of articulations mainly the horizon rotation of the T-Rey's arm and back and forth of the legs. Can't really bend the legs much as the pose would look awkward as well as throwing the figur off balance (Tip toeing right leg). The Bandai authenticity print is at the base of the foot. Reasonable priced and valued for money.

Sunday, 10 December 2017

Pacific Rim Jaeger Gipsy Danger - NECA Series 1 Customised Painted

Alert! Alert! Kaiju Category 1! To fight monsters, we built monsters of our own! When an alien attack threatens the Earth’s existence, giant robots piloted by humans are deployed to fight off the menace. A true fan of mecha Guillermo del Toro is to film this epic sci-fi action movie 'Pacific Rim', where the east met the west, combining the nostalgic 80's giant robot vs monster of Japanese concept play out in Hollywood style, accompanied with awesome soundtrack 'Horn of Doom'. Totally to my liking and cool that the movie managed to garner enough support and fans for a sequel. From the line of poseable action figures directly from the film, the NECA Gipsy Danger Action Figure is the ideal choice for fans and collectors.

Standing tall at 7 inches, this Jaeger Gipsy Danger action figure has been sculpted exactly to recreate the on-screen mecha. The chest and head give this a figure a distinctive look that on-screen Pacific Rim fans will be sure to appreciate. Not so posable but looks great standing in hangar pose good enough to make a great collectors piece or fascinating replica. Got mine preowned with the previous owner added more distinction to those dry brushing to the joints, the darker tones on the edges and bright orange nuclear turbine on chest, all reflected an amazing paintwork to capture the utmost realism. Unfortunately, the previous owner didn't thrown in the chain sword weapon which I believed this was the first release without weapon accessories.

The figure was well sculpt and faithful to the movie. My complaint was the problem with figure standing as the upper body weight tends to make the feet and ankle joints bend forward, causing the figure to fall after time. Mine fell from height and the neck broke. Good thing nothing couldn't be fixed with super glue. Not sure you guys have this problem or its just my bad luck. Nonetheless, I still enjoy having this figure a lot as an excellent tribute to the movie. I do not recommend this for young kids as the joints quality in this product is not the best. Seems like a common problem with NECA figures. NECA is better known for their attention to detail and sculpt.


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