Sunday, 15 October 2017

Non Grade NG 1/100 GAT-X105 Aile Strike Gundam

A comparison with MG version (MG on right and NG on left) 

MG on close up

NG on close up

MG on left having a sleeker Aile Strike Pack

MG on left having a longer wing span

We know that Bandai wouldn't jump into MG production of any leading Gundam upon new series airing and from past experiences, we would first expect a Non Grade 1/100 scale. Only after you are all done with the basic kit, Bandai would release the MG version, probably after a decade or so during anniversary to reignite your interest once more and at the same time comfort you that the wait was finally over for the best sculpted 1/100 scale Gunpla of your favourite Gundam! 

Still impressive with this vintage Gundam Seed model series, Aile Strike Gundam kit stood in my display with pride. Aile Strike Gundam comes complete with its beam rifle, shield, and beam saber. No much decals for this however I applied additional decals manned for MG as a form of upgrade before replacing it with MG. I did sprayed the rifle metallic black and matter top coat on the Gundam.

This kit has the poseability equivalent to a HG Gunpla. Rotatable shoulders that bends back and forth, not for waist which rotate left and right. Finally limbs articulations enabling ready stance and even iconic action poses. Unlike the MG, it does has open-fist-hands therefore comes with optional stiff hands. It carries conventional MS weapons like beam rifle and shield.

The best feature would be the Aile Strike pack which give incredible speed and balanced in both offense and defense, and more importantly, can fly in mid-air. Decent proportionality only having boarder legs. Its wing span ain't as long and sleek compared to the MG version. That's for now and I would touch on more on the MG version in later post. 

Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Shironeko Project 1/8 Scale Figure Selection Vol.2 Mikan

Jamma Prize Figure featuring New Eikoh Shironeko (White Cat) Project Figure Selection Vol.2 Mikan from app game. A prize figure is typically only available within crane game types of machines in the arcades of Japan. Scale @ 1/8 scale due to the small frame of the character, the figure ain't that significant in size (Approximately 14cm). I don't know much of the character and somehow the character has an overwhelming orangish aura. 

Apparently, a Japanese app game 白猫プロジェット downloadable on handphone. Follow the hero of the story as he embarks on knight fantasy adventure to the World’s End... a finger touch combat control game, moving the characters simply by dragging them across the screen. To activate a skill, press and hold and select the skill you wish to use. Pretty simple and amazingly that the game has been around for 3 years! There are several classes and Mikan is falls under martial artist (武闘家) aka the 'Puncher'.


Sunday, 8 October 2017

MG RGM-79SP GM Sniper II

Long awaited mass production since the era of B-Club conversion resin. Took Bandai quite a while for Bandai to realise how badly GM fans, like me has endured to get my hands on this glorious RGM-79SP GM Sniper II and finally this Mobile Suit received its Master Grade treatment. I was thrilled when I first saw it unveiled in a Hobby Show during my Otaku trip. 

This is quite the gem and I had someone to custom paint it. This cannon fodder first made its appearance in U.C 0080 'Gundam Mobile Suit War in a Pocket'. Mobilized during the sneak attack of Kämpfer inside the colony, Scarlet Team's elite mobile launched in ill fate. 

Improved Gunpla articulations incorporating a new waist-mobility gimmick that enables it to smoothly recreate a sniping pose. In addition to this, the range of movement in the shoulder has been increased, allowing the model kit ease of movement. The sensor part has been recreated using clear parts and the visor can also be opened or closed. 

New designs have been used to create the Mobile Suit's weapons and accessories. A right hand part with a cocked finger is included to add realism to the sniper rifle pose. The 75mm sniper rifle has an attachable bipod that's able to fold and slide back & forth. Other accessories include Bullpup machine gun, the GM Command tyre shield and beam sabers. IMHO, GM hasn't seems popular in local contexts but its pretty big in the country of its origin.


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