Sunday, 18 February 2018

Dragon Ball Z DBZ : Evil Vegeta & Saibamen 1/6 Scale Resin Diorama Statue

This evil Vegeta with Saibamen diorama 1/6 scale statue, supposedly combined with the Nappa set however I have yet to get my hands on Nappa statue....

It considered an unlicensed Dragon Ball Z DBZ statue and I believed it was originally sculpted by ECS-Direct, Factory Direct company. Mine should be a recast by another factory as Vegeta was without this red scouter. I failed to realise it when I bought this statue and felt something important missing after examining. Maybe the factory finds it easy to paint Vegeta's face without the scouter. My bad for not being meticulous enough, well that's just me. 

Made of resin, statue has a solid weight with nice size of Vegeta in 8" (25cm) and Saibamen 2"- 3". It's pretty unique since I don't see many statue that comes with Saibamen. Statue is 100% hand crafted, pre-painted, highly detailed and ready to be displayed. The Vegeta we see there is the Prince of Saiyan during the 'Attack of the Saiyans' arc when he was still evil and aims for immortality through obtaining earth's Dragon Ball. Statue shows Vegeta folding his arms with Saiyan's pride, anticipating how the Z Fighters would fair against his minions Saibamen. 

His expression is rather pissed-off with impatience building up that he would kill them any moment! Poor greenly Saibamen, humanoid creatures that grow from a planted seed placed in the ground.

Friday, 16 February 2018

LMHG Evangelion EVA Unit-01 Test Type + Shinji Ikari Trading Figure

LMHG is the abbreviation of 'Limited Model High Grade' model kit. Released by Bandai in 2001 of Test Type "Neon Genesis Evangelion", model kit of EVA Unit-01 新世紀エヴァンゲリオン エヴァンゲリオン初号機 used by Shinji Ikari. Even in HG, this kit is kind of tall and stand approximately 15" as tall as most 1/100 scale gundams. This model kit of Evangelion EVA Unit-01 is definitely one of the most popular piece from this line of EVA models. Who won't like the main character, the prophecy one! I painted the kit plus additional EVA water slide decals. 

Gotta forgive this old pioneer EVA kit using those rubber-like-sleeve encapsulates the joints in the forearms producing the iconic powered suit appearance of the Eva units. Iconic accessories include removable entry plug, umbilical chord, positron sniper rifle, progressive knife, pallet rifle, sonic glaive. It comes with less weapons than most of the EVA kits, but it comes with the JSSDF positron rifle which makes up for that. I managed to get the storage/maintenance frame hangar aka launch pad through a different source. 

The one drawback is the articulation as the elbow can't be bended which limit the poses of Unit-01 holding its weapon. Another problem is that the model kit can't quite hold up on his own and tends to fall forward. The horn broke when it fell forward and I had to plastic cement it. Well, nothing can't be fixed by some good adhesive!  There are 14 points of articulation in the completed model kit. The head, shoulders, wrists, hips, instep armour and ankles have ball joints for full range of motion. The jaw, shoulder armour, elbows, knees and feet move on hinges as well. The torso features 3 points of articulation allowing it to bend forward, back and side-to-side. Mouth can open too! 

Just to end off with Evangelion Shin Gekijouban - Ikari Shinji - Neon Genesis Evangelion Portraits 9 trading figure, from those blind box (Bandai). Very few and cool figure of Ikari Shinji in his pilot suit with 01 printed on it. Come with stand and base. Accurately portraying the depress personality of Shinji Ikari.

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Star Wars: The Power of the Force Electronic X-Wing Fighter + Luke Skywalker Pilot Figure

Red 5 to Red Leader... Katsuden is hot on my tail and have lock-on to my X-Wing Starfighter for is review. Here we have ‘The Power of the Force Electronic X-Wing Fighter’ which is more of a toy for younger children with plenty of gimmicks. The toy is not so much to scale as the X-Wing Fighter seems bulkier and has shorter wings. Not so ideal for serious collectors as stickers are needed to be applied to compensate the lack of details on the plane’s exterior. 

The cannons on the wings seem wrongly positioned horizontally instead of vertically. Nevertheless, I like the toy for the gimmicks such as the retractable landing gear, when you down R2-D2 ... the X-Wing Fighter spread its wing to X (I think this is how the name of the Starfighter derive from) attack formation for increase maneuverability. Not only so, the X-Wing Fighter produces a roaring engine sound. When pressing the small button on the rear bottom of X-Wing Fighter, the toy produces a laser shooting sound, just like what you hear on the movie. 

Figure not included in the box so I bought a Luke Skywalker figure in X-Wing Fighter pilot suit under the ‘Power of Jedi’ series. A cool gimmick of the figure is that the pilot helmet is detachable to be held on Luke’s hand. The printing of the helmet is also very sharp, however there is not strap on the helmet. The head sculpt is fairly accurate to the young Mark Hamill, after I scrapped off the excess white paint on the mouth, otherwise the Luke will be Bugs Bunny. Lolz.. 

More awesome news is that the 3 ¾-inch Luke figure fitted perfectly into the cockpit! Luke first gets behind the controls of an X-wing fighter in the Battle of Yavin. Using the Force in the attack against the Death Star, Luke takes a critical shot at the battle station's reactor core. Luke's flying experience comes from racing his T-16 skyhopper through Tatooine's desert canyons. 

Luke's targeting abilities and trusting the force have brought decisive victories for the Rebels. Yavin was a victory for the Rebel Alliance, and established Luke as one of the greatest starfighter pilots in the galaxy! The T-65's double-layered wings of X-Wing Starfighter, open into "an X formation for combat.Its four laser cannons can be fired simultaneously, in sequence, or in pairs. Luke's insulated helmet is equipped with protective eye lenses and hearing shields. 

R2-D2 an on-board X-Wing, astromech droid serves as a vital component of an X-Wing Starfighter R2-D2 's constant technical adjustments sure safe flying for Luke. X-Wing Starfighter carries life-support unit in the event if pilot ejected from his X-wing, Luke's life support unit will keep him alive and transmit a distress signal to the Rebel fleet. 

 The Kenner company sold its Star Wars Power of the Force (POTF) toy line between 1995 and 2000. In 1978, the 3 ¾-inch Star Wars figures transformed the action-figure industry till today! Goes to say, some things never change... May the force be with you!