Thursday, 13 September 2012

Cosplay @ STGCC 2012

Cosplay STGCC 2012 Pic1

Cosplay STGCC 2012 Pic2
Zaneeds (Creative hand behind Japanese distinctively cute Chibi characters, vocaloid group)

Cosplay STGCC 2012 Pic3
Dragon Nest - Fast online RPG Game

Cosplay STGCC 2012 Pic4
Optimus Prime Girl for OCBC FRANK VISA card (official card of STGCC 2012)

Cosplay STGCC 2012 Pic5

Cosplay STGCC 2012 Pic10

Cosplay STGCC 2012 Pic9

Cosplay STGCC 2012 Pic13

Cosplay STGCC 2012 Pic7


Cosplay STGCC 2012 Pic15

Cosplay STGCC 2012 Pic14

Cosplay STGCC 2012 Pic8

Cosplay STGCC 2012 Pic19

Cosplay STGCC 2012 Pic16

Cosplay STGCC 2012 Pic17

Cosplay STGCC 2012 Pic18

Cosplay STGCC 2012 Pic21

Cosplay STGCC 2012 Pic20

Cosplay STGCC 2012 Pic22 

It's time to wrap up my report on STGCC 2012 and as per my usual practice, I would end by showcasing the cosplayers and costumers whom I had met before their Cosplay Runway on stage. Some of them were models engaged to promote sales at booth like Zaneeds (Creative hand behind Japanese distinctively cute Chibi characters, vocaloid group), OCBC FRANK VISA card (official card of STGCC 2012), Dragon Nest online game and etc... While others showed up at the event solely to cosplay the anime character, costuming the movie or game character, that they much fond of. Irregardless, they were attendees who spiced up the event and in a way, enjoyed themselves.


Little Plastic Man said...

Great coverage

chrismandesign said...

despite my "regular" taste for cosplay, the military were those i liked the most... =)

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> Little Plastic Man
Thx bro! I hope all these STGCC 2012 postings won't be too draggy for you guys.

>> chrismandesign
I like your complete opposite... I like military stuff as kid but I kind of lost that interest. That's why I placed the pic last. Hee! Hee!

deSMOnd said...

Compared to last year, there are lots of cosplayers this year..

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

I guess in general, cosplay and costuming has become popular over the years.

Andy said...

Optimus Prime Girl was interesting among the normal cosplay, hehe.

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

All the guys! Transform and roll out! chup chup chup..... Lolz.


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