Sunday, 11 November 2012

Katsuden's Anime Festival Asia AFA 2012 Report

AFA 2012 Pic1
My AFA 2012 ticket 

AFA 2012 Pic2
Zaku II cosplay

AFA 2012 Pic3

AFA 2012 Pic5
MS Girls : Wing Gundam

AFA 2012 Pic4
MS Girls : Gundam GP03 Stamen

AFA 2012 Pic6
Evangelion LMHG 

AFA 2012 Pic7
Mazinger Chogokin with hangar diaroma

AFA 2012 Pic8
1/1000 Space Battleship Yamato model kit

AFA 2012 Pic9
Kawaii dolls 

AFA 2012 Pic12

AFA 2012 Pic13
S.H. Figuarts Saint Seiya

AFA 2012 Pic14
Ultimate Madoka figure by Good Smile

AFA 2012 Pic15
Battle Girls - Time Paradox

AFA 2012 Pic16
Battle Girls - Time Paradox - Ieyesu

AFA 2012 Pic17
Hatsune Miku in Wonderland painting and 1/7 scale statue exclusively @ Creators Hub Booth

AFA 2012 Pic18
'Sword Art Online' is popular enough to have its own exhibition area however it was almost virtually empty like it had been looted.

AFA 2012 Pic19
Madoca Magica car

AFA 2012 Pic20
Figure 12 - Tiger figure with light-up gimmick

AFA 2012 Pic21
S.H. Figuarts Tiger and Bunny figure

AFA 2012 Pic22
S.H Figuarts Tiger and Bunny - Double Chaser

AFA 2012 Pic23
MG Bunny kit - Good Luck Mode

AFA 2012 Pic24
MG Bunny prototype exclusive kit

AFA 2012 Pic25
Sentai Akiba Ranger @ RWS Singapore - S.H. Figuart

AFA 2012 Pic26

AFA 2012 Pic27
'One Piece' Film Z Original character  - Ain

AFA 2012 Pic28
Tokyo Otaku Mode booth display smartphone based on popular anime 'One Piece'

AFA 2012 Pic29 
'One Piece' Thousand Sunny is also a charger for the Japanese handphone beside docking

Due to family and work commitments like bringing my family to Hello Kitty Town in Malaysia and having to work on Sunday due to my shift pattern, I could only attend AFA 2012 on the final day in the late afternoon. Since it's a once in a year event so I better to be there than to have it a miss. There were a lot of activities going on simultaneous like Animax anime video trick, cosplayers interview, anime songs karaoke and etc. 

As for product exhibition, Bandai had provided a strong support with exhibits from S.H Figuarts. Chogokins and soon-to-release non Gundam model kits. Good Smile had also contributed mainly on Figma and anime fix-posed figures. 

'Sword Art Online' anime must be indeed popular to have its own exhibition area however it was almost virtually empty, like it had been looted. A lot of merchandises were sold out and crossed out on the sale board. No first blood or should I say, I didn't even make any purchase this time round. In contrary, it's a blessing because this month's budget exploded due to excessive buying of kits and toys poisoned by peers from watsapp Gundam chit-chat club. 

I didn't take any pics of cosplayers unless you consider the Zaku II on the platform. Reason because I didn't have the extra strength left to compete and squeeze with other zealous male photographers.  Can visit 'Open The Toy' for cosplayers pics. Apologies for the extremely brief Anime Festival Asia AFA 2012 report with only few pics of the stuffs that caught my attention.


bluedrakon said...

If you had to get one cosplayer, you got the right one.

I am excited about MS Girl Gundam GP03 Stamen as I have her on pre-order. It is fun to see the other items hitting soon.

I feel the pain with exhaustion as I have several figure shots done, but no time to get it uploaded - arg!

LEon said...

The sword art online has been empty since day one even when I was there around 3pm. Hello kitty land fun?

Jcee said...

Holy crap that Zaku cosplay is insane! I thought it was just a huge Gunpla lol!

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> Bluedrakon
Zaku cosplayer captured! This should be my highest score. Hee! Hee! Being following your blog and know you are into Gundam MS Girls line. I have also tonnes of pics taken and backlog just like Gunpla waiting to roll out...

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> LEon
Soodesi.... There were only a pair of swords manned for cosplaying Kirito and Asuna on display. I thought they were sold off all other exhibits except the swords which were not for sale. Lolz...

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> Jcee
The Zaku II was really awesome especially the racing tune was play during the appearance. Nice cosplayer as well who would turn to the direction of photographers. Very experienced and probably good view from inside the Zaku!

chrismandesign said...

actually it was very kind of you to bring us this coverage since you’re seriously busy pal =)... there are lots of events happening there at the same time !!!... very interesting stuff, everything is pretty fine... the model kit manufacturers are squeezing their marketing posibilities... also the S.H. Figuarts seems to be a great line, how about the prices ???... i have not seen the MP-12 by Takara, the Lamborghini Countach is still one of my favorites among the Lambos... ;(

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Those kind words really touch me pal. Deep down I also wanted very much to go to AFA as I don't want to miss out. Transformers exhibition by Hasbro has quieten down after the TF convention. HotToys took stand during STGCC 2012 and Bandai during AFA 2012. I saw MP 12 already selling a toy shop and the box is really small compared to other Masterpiece line.

deSMOnd said...

Bro..i think i may go afa next year as there are lots of stuff i may have some interest...miss this year..

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Ya! Sometime it's the element of surprise from these type of convention. It kind of give you the festive mood. Some new discovery to toys and merchandise too!

LEon said...

THanks for the link up. LOL

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

No prob! The pleasure is mine!

sl619 said...

Hmm... MS Girl Stamens looks good. That Zaku cosplay is awesome! But i gotta gv kudos for the guy inside as its gonna be freaking hot! hahahaha

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

I'm also more fond of the GP03 girl. Just didn't want to start this line as I know it will continue to prosper. My wallet hole would widen.

The Zaku II cosplay is awesome and luckily the cool environment in the hall provided some comfort.

sl619 said...

Well true enough. haha!


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