Saturday, 13 April 2013

Japan Otaku Trip! Part 2!

Akihabara Part2 Pic1 photo AkihabaraPart2Pic1_zpse2d54d4b.jpg
Night view of junction near Akiba One.

Akihabara Part2 Pic2 photo AkihabaraPart2Pic2_zps904be1b4.jpg
With assistance of Robot 28, we shall take on Akihabara

Akihabara Part2 Pic3 photo AkihabaraPart2Pic3_zpse9d55350.jpg
Standing from UDX looking @ Yodabashi-Akiba (The store with most Gunpla)

Akihabara Part2 Pic4 photo AkihabaraPart2Pic4_zps25b96bb9.jpg
Huge projection at UDX promoting anime 

Akihabara Part2 Pic5 photo AkihabaraPart2Pic5_zps9486f4b1.jpg
AKB48 Cafe & Shop just beside...

Akihabara Part2 Pic6 photo AkihabaraPart2Pic6_zps19d9fa50.jpg
Gundam Cafe Akihabara

Akihabara Part2 Pic7 photo AkihabaraPart2Pic7_zpse78556c5.jpg
A visit to SEGA building with lotz of arcade games & UFO catcher

Akihabara Part2 Pic8 photo AkihabaraPart2Pic8_zps8f0549bc.jpg
 UFO catcher prize

Akihabara Part2 Pic9 photo AkihabaraPart2Pic9_zps0ef33afe.jpg

Akihabara Part2 Pic10 photo AkihabaraPart2Pic10_zps639b25f4.jpg

Akihabara Part2 Pic11 photo AkihabaraPart2Pic11_zps9bea53ad.jpg

Akihabara Part2 Pic12 photo AkihabaraPart2Pic12_zps09cf7f7b.jpg

Akihabara Part2 Pic13 photo AkihabaraPart2Pic13_zps12e415aa.jpg

Akihabara Part2 Pic14 photo AkihabaraPart2Pic14_zps7a684d53.jpg
Compliment plastic bag to keep your winning

Akihabara Part2 Pic15 photo AkihabaraPart2Pic15_zps3b7d2774.jpg
Entire floor dedicated to Gundam Extreme Vs Full Boost

Akihabara Part2 Pic16 photo AkihabaraPart2Pic16_zpsd410556c.jpg

Akihabara Part2 Pic17 photo AkihabaraPart2Pic17_zps123590aa.jpg
Pachinko Slot...

Akihabara Part2 Pic18 photo AkihabaraPart2Pic18_zps5d7545e9.jpg
Evangelion style... 

Akihabara Part2 Pic19 photo AkihabaraPart2Pic19_zps40fc525e.jpg

Akihabara Part2 Pic20 photo AkihabaraPart2Pic20_zps6def2725.jpg

Akihabara Part2 Pic21 photo AkihabaraPart2Pic21_zps34cecd94.jpg

Akihabara Part2 Pic22 photo AkihabaraPart2Pic22_zps9e981d98.jpg

Akihabara Part2 Pic23 photo AkihabaraPart2Pic23_zps03964330.jpg
EVA lockers

Akihabara Part2 Pic24 photo AkihabaraPart2Pic24_zps0f293b26.jpg
EVA Pachinko machine

Akihabara Part2 Pic25 photo AkihabaraPart2Pic25_zps8c7bd4d6.jpg
Even have Macross Frontier, Pachinko machine

A look @ neon vibrant Akihabara at night... hmmm... actually most of the hobby shops were closed after 9pm. Some of the shops that extended operation would be UFO catcher, game arcade and Pachinko slot. It's was spring in March so the temperature is between 7 - 13 degree Celsius. Can be pretty cold for someone like me for topical region and felt even colder when the wind blown towards me. If you happened to be at Akihabara, it's good to take UDX building as reference point as it just in front of the train station (don't forget to take phamplets at the train station, with map that marked out the location of hobby shops), like in the heart of the shopping belt. Looking from UDX, you can easily locate Yodabashi -Akiba (There, you can find the largest selection of Gunpla). You can also see Gundam cafe and AKB48 cafe, which are just side by side.  


James Chan said...

Bro, I am waiting for you to show your loots!

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

They are in a mess bro. Lolz...

Ant Sized Man said...

Good times dude, looks like you got a quality camaera to take such awesome night photo.

Hope to got as great load of swag i bought a extra bag to take my gear home, most of it from Yodabashi.

deSMOnd said...

bro..japan street is very clean..i m sure the display in the shops are well maintained and no dust at all..

Jcee said...

Did you try your hand at the UFO catcher? Those prizes look sooo nice!

bluedrakon said...

Thanks for the reference point for us who may get the change to visit.

I loved all the shots and wish I could have been with you on this trip. But alas, my money wallet would have been empty in 5 minutes there - LOL

chrismandesign said...

just tell me... you went unnoticed bro, right ??? HAHAHAHA... i mean, if i were traveling there, someone would say in an instant "there it goes a foreigner tourist... it’s so obvious and weird !!!" but in japanese, of course BUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...

Those Rei and Asuka statues are so amazing !!! but a bit taller than you expect from a pair of 14 yo teenagers... beautiful anyway and very realistic with their own fabric dresses !!! =OOOOO

Stanley Lim said...

@Jcee. Agent S suck at UFO and ends up catching nothing at all...

David John Shewsbury said...

It's amazing that many foreign Otaku went to Japan and do toy hunting. As for me, if I ever get the chance to go Japan, I wont bother about all the toys, I'm more interested with young girls and women and having fun in those "Love Hotels" and maybe grab some of those funky adult toys stuff ^__^ hahahaha...

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> Ant Sized Man
Thanx pal, I guess the DSLR is a good tool to capturing moments at dim area. A bundle Gunpla @ Yodabashi and attractive discount.

>> deSMOnd
Unlike Singapore, there ain't many waste bins around but despite this, their street is at good cleanliness. Japanese are well taught on recycling and protecting the environment.

>> Jcee
Agent S asked to your queries... Hee! Hee!

>> bluedrakon
No prob pal. I remember buying lotz of stuff from the first toy I visited just 200m away from the inn I stayed at and returning to inn just shortly after my first stop. Hard to control '',

>> chrismandesign
As Asian, I'm able to blend in the crowd and unnoticed but you my friend sure stands out. It gave me the impression that most people in Japan, especially the newer generation understand English but due to lack of practice, it's hard for them to speak and deliver the message.

>> David John Shewsbury
Well, there are a lot of gals in cosplay walking along the street of Akihabara and young gals dressed as maid distributing phamplets and promoting maid cafes. A lot of adult shops, some few storey but after well, you will get bore and skip such shops for toy hunting. Heard about the 'Love Hotels' but didn't manage to see any when I visit Shinjuku .

Andy said...

kuroyukihime~! asuna~!
katsu in otaku heaven^^

Om3ga062012 said...

Great night view. Those UFO catcher prize looks great, love that life size anime figure too


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