Thursday, 2 May 2013

Japan! Otaku Trip! Part 4!

Japan Otaku Trip Part4 Pic1 photo JapanOtakuTripPart4Pic1_zpsd277b415.jpg

Japan Otaku Trip Part4 Pic2 photo JapanOtakuTripPart4Pic2_zpsb37d15ad.jpg
Evangelion merchandises

Japan Otaku Trip Part4 Pic3 photo JapanOtakuTripPart4Pic3_zpsf4f32f06.jpg
Bright Noa Cosplay E.F.S.F uniform

Japan Otaku Trip Part4 Pic4 photo JapanOtakuTripPart4Pic4_zpsd5caced6.jpg

Japan Otaku Trip Part4 Pic5 photo JapanOtakuTripPart4Pic5_zpsb61fcfdc.jpg
One Piece merchandises

Japan Otaku Trip Part4 Pic6 photo JapanOtakuTripPart4Pic6_zpse1d686b4.jpg

Japan Otaku Trip Part4 Pic7 photo JapanOtakuTripPart4Pic7_zpse898e41f.jpg
Dragonball Z merchandises

Japan Otaku Trip Part4 Pic8 photo JapanOtakuTripPart4Pic8_zps127478b4.jpg
Tiger and Bunny - Cap and Jacket

Japan Otaku Trip Part4 Pic9 photo JapanOtakuTripPart4Pic9_zps5ff98300.jpg
Macross merchandises

Japan Otaku Trip Part4 Pic10 photo JapanOtakuTripPart4Pic10_zps0d4a0b3e.jpg

Japan Otaku Trip Part4 Pic11 photo JapanOtakuTripPart4Pic11_zps661437ad.jpg

Japan Otaku Trip Part4 Pic12 photo JapanOtakuTripPart4Pic12_zps9d29768d.jpg

Japan Otaku Trip Part4 Pic13 photo JapanOtakuTripPart4Pic13_zps32624eb8.jpg

Japan Otaku Trip Part4 Pic14 photo JapanOtakuTripPart4Pic14_zpsd9213ef5.jpg

Japan Otaku Trip Part4 Pic15 photo JapanOtakuTripPart4Pic15_zpsa3084da9.jpg

Japan Otaku Trip Part4 Pic16 photo JapanOtakuTripPart4Pic16_zpsfedd371b.jpg

Japan Otaku Trip Part4 Pic17 photo JapanOtakuTripPart4Pic17_zps3525e978.jpg
K-On 12" dolls 

Japan Otaku Trip Part4 Pic18 photo JapanOtakuTripPart4Pic18_zpsb18dd6c8.jpg
Isn't this 'To Heart' Tamaki's uniform

Japan Otaku Trip Part4 Pic19 photo JapanOtakuTripPart4Pic19_zpsa2e6e64b.jpg
Kinky stuff

Japan Otaku Trip Part4 Pic20 photo JapanOtakuTripPart4Pic20_zpsb3d380dd.jpg

Japan Otaku Trip Part4 Pic21 photo JapanOtakuTripPart4Pic21_zps65be105c.jpg

Japan Otaku Trip Part4 Pic22 photo JapanOtakuTripPart4Pic22_zps3b6e9ec9.jpg

Welcome back for another edition of my otaku trip with Agent 'S'! Still at Akihabara, @ part 4, I would show more of apparels and some anime girlie dolls that were really well made. As you know, there are many types of anime stuff and apparels however not many were able to attain that high quality standard like Cospa. Agent 'S' and I took and chance to visit Cospa and he had managed to buy a Neon Zeon Sinanju jacket which you guys would see in my later posts! Well, that jacket did draw him some attention. Lolz. When you are in Akihabara, do explore some of the back alley which you could find hidden otaku shops that you might jump into surprise!   


deSMOnd said...

wow! lots of female anime figures and whole shop is selling anime theme must be scoring a few of the items the price expensive?

Ant Sized Man said...

Good times, its so awesome and im so jealous.
I thought i explored every corner od Akiba until i got home and realised there was more, amazing place.

chrismandesign said...

it seems you had a lot to discover in Japan since your reviews are intensive and extensive !!!... being realistic, i think it will be the only way to know a bit more about such an interesting place... THX for sharing pal !!! =)

bluedrakon said...

All that merchandise, so much to get and not sure how you managed not to go broke!

sl619 said...

You can get anime merchandise (t-shirts) so easily there.

Btw, are they cheap??

Stanley Lim said...

I am so Lovin yr Blog Agent D!!!

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> deSMOnd
Agent S scored some merchandises and I didn't. Had a couple of Cospa stuff already in my wardrobe. Pricing wise, definitely cheaper than online and shop like Latendo.

>> Ant Sized Man
It needs a few days to thoroughly comb Akihabara. I sure, I have missed out a few cool shops too! Lolz..

>> chrismandesign
Yup. Since this is an otaku trip, I'm really focused on toy and anime related stuff. I'm think I should do some insert of toy reviews before continuing on posts on my trip so there's a balance.

>> bluedrakon
I'm pretty selective on shopping so had restricted myself from buying too much, bearing in mind my storage space a more. Hee! Hee! But, at times I go trans mode too! Lolz

>> sl619
Actually, mostly concentrated at Akihabara.

>> Stanley Lim
Thank you for sticking around bro... Agent...

Om3ga062012 said...

A lot of anime t-shirt & merchandise. I bet a lot of cosplayer bought their stuffs there.

Still waiting for your next post, I want to see that Neo Zeon jacket too ^^


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