Monday, 23 September 2013

Gundam Expo Singapore 2013 Opens

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Here we are @ Gundam Expo Singapore 2013, the Gundam event of the year where fans get to see the latest develop of this fascinating hobby. As usual, I was there early and as an invited guest to the preview, I got to witness the event opening. Kicking off the event with outstanding cosplay of Banshee and Gundam Image Girls. At the event, you get to see new released like the MG Gundam RX-78-2 version 3, HGUC Zogok Unicorn version, MG Strike Rouge + Ootori plus Bandai latest line up known as the Gundam Build Fighters. Transformable Zaku! Not wonder its call Zaku amazing! For the first time in Singapore, 3D mapping on Gunpla had been showcased. What a milestone to past, present and future of gunpla!    


chrismandesign said...

the MG RX-78 V.3 looks a lot better and more modern than its previous counterparts, mimicking the Real Grade model (also the 1:1 scale)... the Banshee cosplay is amazing, one of the best i have seen so far, oh and the models scale 1:1 LOLOLOLOLOLOL !!!... =D

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

MG RX-78 Version 3 was made to look like the RG. In my opinion, the box artwork looks great too. The cosplayer of Banshee is also the guy who cosplay Unicorn Gundam previously. Gotto give him the credit.

Om3ga062012 said...

Nice, i've been waiting for this event. I'm still curious with the Ootori pack, i heard it can be combined with Aile Striker pack.

Thanks for sharing :D

bluedrakon said...

Not sure who got the most looks - Banshee Unicorn or the Gundam girls - LOL.

Love the new Gunpla and sure my son will be looking for some under the Christmas Tree

David John Shewsbury said...

I more interested with those 2 lovely girls standing near the black robot... they both looks delicious... slurpppp!!!!

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> Om3ga062012
Combi of Ootori and Strike Aile sounds interesting. I bet you are getting this since it's in your range of MG.

>> bluedrakon
For this instant, I my pick is Banshee. Can life without gals but not Gundam Lol... I bet as a great dad, your son will be get a lot more beside just Gundam this Christmas.

>> David John Shewsbury
Lol.. I knew you have a soft spot for deliciously yummy stuff. Good things are manned for sharing lol..

Om3ga062012 said...

@Dennis aka Katsuden: Well, actually i'm still saving money to buy MG Sazabi ver. Ka ^^

deSMOnd said...

Bro..what i guess is correct. The black gundam cosplayer is actually the one for unicorn gundam..the same cosplayer..only he can build this gundam suit..he is very good..

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> Om3ga062012
I also gotten the news that MG Sazabi ver. Ka. Bandai will probably release a white version as well knowing them lol..

>> deSMOnd
Indeed, it the same guy and it's his 13th Gundam cosplay I heard.

AmirrLiyana Ong said...

Hi Dennis, can u please Facebook messenger me as I got some questions about sangoku musou figures to ask you.
I'm amirrudin ong soon hua. Thank u so much.


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