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Gundam Front Tokyo

Gundam Front Tokyo Pic1 photo GundamFrontTokyoPic1_zps247b0fef.jpg
Entrance of Gundam Front Tokyo 

 photo GundamFrontTokyoStaff_zps998f812d.jpg
Pic with the staff

Gundam Front Tokyo Pic2 photo GundamFrontTokyoPic2_zps6aa6c318.jpg
Walkway leading to Dome-G. It is painted with Gundams

Gundam Front Tokyo Pic3 photo GundamFrontTokyoPic3_zpsa68429e4.jpg

Gundam Front Tokyo Pic36 photo GundamFrontTokyoPic36_zpsd7cac799.jpg
Signage of out-of-bound area...

Gundam Front Tokyo Pic33 photo GundamFrontTokyoPic33_zpsf7a85b97.jpg
Toilets / Restroom 

Gundam Front Tokyo Pic34 photo GundamFrontTokyoPic34_zps6b8c48d4.jpg

Gundam Front Tokyo Pic35 photo GundamFrontTokyoPic35_zps35cf1506.jpg

Gundam Front Tokyo Pic32 photo GundamFrontTokyoPic32_zps1b178082.jpg

Gundam Front Tokyo Pic4 photo GundamFrontTokyoPic4_zpsd9d8d8d7.jpg

Gundam Front Tokyo Pic11 photo GundamFrontTokyoPic11_zps0516129e.jpg

Gundam Front Tokyo Pic12 photo GundamFrontTokyoPic12_zpsd6fed3fc.jpg
Character Photo Spot where you can take snapshot of yourself alongside life-sized characters from your favourite Gundam  series.

Gundam Front Tokyo Pic5 photo GundamFrontTokyoPic5_zpscbe36e41.jpg
RG 1/1 scale bust of the Strike Freedom Gundam 

Gundam Front Tokyo Pic6 photo GundamFrontTokyoPic6_zpsb540ccc9.jpg

Gundam Front Tokyo Pic7 photo GundamFrontTokyoPic7_zps8337251b.jpg
1/1 Core Fighter from Mobile Suit Gundam's moving finale

Gundam Front Tokyo Pic10 photo GundamFrontTokyoPic10_zps81390971.jpg

Gundam Front Tokyo Pic8 photo GundamFrontTokyoPic8_zpsa8708e62.jpg

Gundam Front Tokyo Pic9 photo GundamFrontTokyoPic9_zpsf247ab3e.jpg

Gundam Front Tokyo Pic13 photo GundamFrontTokyoPic13_zpseac19535.jpg

Gundam Front Tokyo Pic15 photo GundamFrontTokyoPic15_zps5b2a538c.jpg

Gundam Front Tokyo Pic14 photo GundamFrontTokyoPic14_zpse9835b0e.jpg

Gundam Front Tokyo Pic 43 photo GundamFrontTokyoPic43_zps9b56284b.jpg
 Massive diorama, there's also a projector tower displays the space fortress A Baoa Qu, scene of Gundam OYW final battle, on the inner wall of the Experience Field.

Gundam Front Tokyo Pic 44 photo GundamFrontTokyoPic44_zps13ea75ff.jpg

Gundam Front Tokyo Pic 45 photo GundamFrontTokyoPic45_zps74ec7655.jpg

Gundam Front Tokyo Pic16 photo GundamFrontTokyoPic16_zps9341dd80.jpg
Gundam RX-78-2 projection mapping

Gundam Front Tokyo Pic17 photo GundamFrontTokyoPic17_zpsf67b4324.jpg

Gundam Front Tokyo Pic18 photo GundamFrontTokyoPic18_zps2152d0ba.jpg

Gundam Front Tokyo Pic24 photo GundamFrontTokyoPic24_zps21d273c3.jpg

Gundam Front Tokyo Pic23 photo GundamFrontTokyoPic23_zps5a99814c.jpg

Gundam Front Tokyo Pic20 photo GundamFrontTokyoPic20_zps34d4cc87.jpg

Gundam Front Tokyo Pic19 photo GundamFrontTokyoPic19_zpse6b9e062.jpg

Gundam Front Tokyo Pic22 photo GundamFrontTokyoPic22_zpsf82a7ed9.jpg

Gundam Front Tokyo Pic21 photo GundamFrontTokyoPic21_zps32f53270.jpg

Gundam Front Tokyo Pic25 photo GundamFrontTokyoPic25_zpsd919370e.jpg

Gundam Front Tokyo Pic30 photo GundamFrontTokyoPic30_zps5c82b531.jpg

Gundam Front Tokyo Pic31 photo GundamFrontTokyoPic31_zpsac6da68b.jpg

Gundam Front Tokyo Pic26 photo GundamFrontTokyoPic26_zpsb3f0cc23.jpg

Gundam Front Tokyo Pic27 photo GundamFrontTokyoPic27_zps1826cd82.jpg

Gundam Front Tokyo Pic29 photo GundamFrontTokyoPic29_zps0c15390c.jpg

Gundam Front Tokyo Pic28 photo GundamFrontTokyoPic28_zps2985bc1e.jpg

If you are thinking of what to do next after the magnificent sight of 1/1 scale Gundam RX-78-2 @ Gundam @ Diver City (Odaiba), you ought to pay a visit to Gundam Front Tokyo by taking the escalator to the top most level inside Diver City. Don't worried about getting the tickets cos the staff will be around at the entrance to help you.

Next, we will be taking the walk-way leading to Dome-G where you get to watch Gundam on a domed screen with state-of-the-art technology to create spectacular viewing experience. A dome 16 meters (50 feet) in diameter, equipped with six projectors and 13 speakers. Guests see footage of the 1/1 Gundam taken from a crane, famous scenes from past Gundam series, and impressive, highly-detailed CG of mobile suits like the RX-93 ν Gundam.

It's everything about Gundam @ Gundam Front Tokyo! Even the signages from out-of-bound area,  toilets and exit signs are Gundam related. So after the cinematic experience, you will find yourself at a dimly lighted area welcomed by surprises like an RG 1/1 scale bust of the Strike Freedom Gundam and 1/1 Core Fighter from Mobile Suit Gundam's moving finale, revised and refreshed under control lightings. Do have some fun trying out the Real Photo spot by sitting inside Unicorn Gundam cockpit and have you pics taken like Agent 'S' and I did.

Another excellent area for photo-taking would be the Character Photo Spot where you can take snapshot of yourself alongside life-sized characters from your favourite Gundam  series. It was my first time seeing Gundam RX-78-2 projection mapping before it was exhibited during Singapore Gunpla Expo 2013.

Talk about a massive diorama, there's also a projector tower displays the space fortress A Baoa Qu, scene of Gundam OYW final battle, on the inner wall of the Experience Field. The display is 4.5 meters high by 3 meters wide. Apart from all that I had mentioned, there were other Gundam artifacts might interested you along the way. I'm not done with Gundam Front Tokyo so do tune-in for part 2...


deSMOnd said...

bro..this is interesting afterall..

chrismandesign said...

this place is absolutely awesomeeeee !!!... the Gundam culture gets the respect it deserves, those pro-replicas are astonishing, the whole design of the pavilion and the multimedia exhibition make me feel the "real thing" even being thousands of miles away !!!... the envy is at its maximum level LOL... =D

bluedrakon said...

NOT FAIR!!!! I want to be in the chair commanding.

Really wish that was here as I am sure my son would love it!

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> deSMOnd
Ideal getaway for Gundam fans... I missed my trip already ^_^

>> chrismandesign
Indeed pal... Never before I got to some Gundam display at this scale and certainly mind blowing... Gundam Kingdom and the awesomeness bewilderment. Makes it all worth on he travel expenses.

>> bluedrakon
Lol.. You need to be Ace pilot to sit ... It's really interesting and the Gundam image mapping was amazing when I first saw.

Stanley Lim said...

spring bath!!

Stanley Lim said...

spring bath!!

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Yeah!! yEAH!! Onsen Tiger san ^_^

ng said...

Awesome photos! I wish I brought a better camera when I was there ;) i wrote about Gundam front tokyo at my blog as well

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Good option to consider a DSLR. Mine is for beginner but works well for me. No need to be expensive. Thx for sharing link. Perhaps we could also exchange link ^_^


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