Saturday, 8 February 2014

Gundam Front Tokyo Part 3

Gunpla Tokyo Pic1 photo GunplaTokyoPic1_zps87398766.jpg

Gunpla Tokyo Pic2 photo GunplaTokyoPic2_zps2dd652ff.jpg

Gunpla Tokyo Pic4 photo GunplaTokyoPic4_zps2d5b8cb3.jpg

 photo GunplaTokyoPic3_zps5af0a986.jpg

Gunpla Tokyo Pic5 photo GunplaTokyoPic5_zps17456c4f.jpg

Gunpla Tokyo Pic6 photo GunplaTokyoPic6_zps8db09206.jpg

Gunpla Tokyo Pic7 photo GunplaTokyoPic7_zps01f4312d.jpg

Gunpla Tokyo Pic8 photo GunplaTokyoPic8_zpscb33b595.jpg

Gunpla Tokyo Pic9 photo GunplaTokyoPic9_zps838282a3.jpg

Gunpla Tokyo Pic10 photo GunplaTokyoPic10_zpsac97d4b0.jpg

Gunpla Tokyo Pic11 photo GunplaTokyoPic11_zps8041e7ed.jpg

Gunpla Tokyo Pic12 photo GunplaTokyoPic12_zpsd49372b0.jpg

Gunpla Tokyo Pic13 photo GunplaTokyoPic13_zpsa5ba773e.jpg

Gunpla Tokyo Pic14 photo GunplaTokyoPic14_zps22a356ac.jpg

Gunpla Tokyo Pic15 photo GunplaTokyoPic15_zps632a5c58.jpg

Gunpla Tokyo Pic16 photo GunplaTokyoPic16_zps6fcf09b5.jpg

Gunpla Tokyo Pic17 photo GunplaTokyoPic17_zps62e82a1d.jpg

Gunpla Tokyo Pic18 photo GunplaTokyoPic18_zps39bf004c.jpg

Gunpla Tokyo Pic19 photo GunplaTokyoPic19_zps000f7e3a.jpg

Gunpla Tokyo Pic20 photo GunplaTokyoPic20_zps0750bfdc.jpg

Gunpla Tokyo Pic21 photo GunplaTokyoPic21_zps99b113b0.jpg

Gunpla Tokyo Pic22 photo GunplaTokyoPic22_zps4fda6ace.jpg

Gunpla Tokyo Pic23 photo GunplaTokyoPic23_zpsbbb97a30.jpg

Gunpla Tokyo Pic24 photo GunplaTokyoPic24_zpsc9161011.jpg

Gunpla Tokyo Pic25 photo GunplaTokyoPic25_zpsfb28e8c6.jpg

Gunpla Tokyo Pic26 photo GunplaTokyoPic26_zps6efcb9c8.jpg

Gunpla Tokyo Pic27 photo GunplaTokyoPic27_zps87762f70.jpg

Gunpla Tokyo Pic28 photo GunplaTokyoPic28_zps7a4dc088.jpg

Gunpla Tokyo Pic29 photo GunplaTokyoPic29_zps353107d4.jpg

Gunpla Tokyo Pic30 photo GunplaTokyoPic30_zps84846d31.jpg

Gunpla Tokyo Pic31 photo GunplaTokyoPic31_zps77d1355e.jpg

Gunpla Tokyo Pic32 photo GunplaTokyoPic32_zps32fda9ae.jpg

Gunpla Tokyo Pic33 photo GunplaTokyoPic33_zps364c39a3.jpg 

We have come to the last segment and this last section of Gundam Front Tokyo is known is 'Gunpla Tokyo'. It's situated right at the exit of Gundam Front Tokyo. The section consist of model kit right from the start of the first Gunpla production to those we see today. According to statistic, there are more than a thousand kinds of Gunpla manufactured since 1980 and all in one place! Or though most of the Gunpla were straight build, there you could truly experienced the evolution of Gunpla... This is the biggest exhibition of Gunpla in the world and it's like walking into a museum of Gunpla encyclopedia...


bluedrakon said...

Me and my son are so jealous of this as we want to be there enjoying the sights too.

We appreciate the shots though as they have an awesome display area!

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Guess I had again poisoned you to make Japan your next overseas vacation destination.. Heehee... I have a few more posts on my otaku trip to tempt you my friend...

chrismandesign said...

a comprehensive exhibition of the model kits manufacured by Bandai over time, is not only a way to have a visual reference of the evolution of this kind of collectible, but a sound marketing decision... i realized that there is a huge contrast between the neat exhibition, where the white background is the main character and the rather motley design of the model kit’s packaging... =)

deSMOnd said...

What a awesome showcase of Gundam figures!!

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

It's a good reference of the actual product especially for those getting reissued Gunpla. Also, it tells a lot on the timeline and evolution of Gunpla then and now.


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