Saturday, 6 September 2014

G&B Comics & Legion 501st @ STGCC 2014

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As far as I can remember, G&B has been a loyal subject of STGCC. Always faithful to comic and its merchandises. This year, their booth has a huge statue of half bust Groot and Rocket for photo-taking. Hang around G&B booth and if you are lucky, there will be attractive discount on comics or action figures announcement over the microphone. I overheard 30 dollars over worth of action figure going at 20 bucks. Where are they?! It's near the event exit...

Back to the topic of loyal subject, these clones of Legion 501 such lived up to the standard. Over the years, we get to see more Jedi around as well. A friend of mine who bought the STGCC VIP pass told me, he felt prestige to be escorted by these Star Wars cosplayers into the event arena. Fun, laughters and of course kindness can be felt at their booth as these troopers had sacrificed themselves to be shot by Nerf for donation drive for K.K Hospital Health Endowment Fund. The booth display have also some parodies of Star Wars.  

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