Saturday, 6 September 2014

Hot Toys Booth @ STGCC 2014

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Iron Man Hall of Armour

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Avengers diorama

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Recreating the movie scene of creating the super soldier...

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Captain American II - Winter Soldier

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So much details to this Helicarrier

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'Guardian of The Galaxy'

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Don't you know me?! Star-Lord

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The Amazing Spiderman 2 - Electro

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HT had also brought us back to the future with the DeLorean time machine

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Marty McFly aka Michael J. Fox

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Yeah! Yeah! I know you guys like Hot Toys and Hot Toys reciprocate with more of your favourite 1/6 scale movie replicates. In Singapore, probably in many other countries, Iron Man fans made up a majority pool of Marvel fans and it's no wonder Hot Toys is marching towards completing the Hall of Armour! Not to mention event exclusives... Python (Mark XX), Peacemaker, The Dark Knight 16th scale The Joker (Bank Robber Version 2.0) and AVP 16th scale Ancient Predator Collectible Figure. 

I had recent watched 'Guardian of The Galaxy' and it's really hilarious. HT sure hit the iron when it's hot with all five main characters ready soon after the movie released. Cool to see Batista having other immortalized figures beside wrestling figurines. HT had also brought us back to the future with the DeLorean time machine and Marty McFly aka Michael J. Fox. Other retro pop culture icon include the first 'Robocop' and 'Aliens', Sigourney Weaver with Work loader Machine. 

Other impressive artifacts that aroused my interests include the Helicarrier from 'Avengers' and the huge Rhino figure from 'The Amazing Spider Man 2'.  


deSMOnd said...

Only can go on Sunday this year..Family commitment..HAHA!!

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

I'm gg again today as well. Took pics yesterday and didn't really managed to shop for toys. Shall do it today.


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